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Where do you read? Wanna know my (imagined) perfect reading space?

One of the best things about being a writer is that I get to make things up. Pretty cool, right? 

When I'm spending time in my head Imagining the type of world in which my character lives, every detail from the house to the bedroom  to the mementos in the room matter. 

You want to know a secret? I don't only fantasize about building worlds for my characters, I also do it for myself.

Yup! Summers in Florida are brutal, so by August, when I'm totally over it, I fantasize about moving up north. Every single year. I'll go online, pick a place to live, look at houses for sale, check out jobs and schools, and, of course, book stores. You know the important things. 

And then I started thinking, not just about houses and rooms, but also about spaces. The perfect kind of spaces, you know? The ones that are specific. Planned. Designed. Reading spaces, in particular. 

I was a reader well before I was a writer. Reading was my first and has been my most trusted boyfriend (don't tell the hubs! Lol)

So if I was going to design a reading space, I wanted to do it right. But I was having the hardest time choosing just one type of space. And seriously, why sweat that kind of decision? The way I see it, if I can have anything I like (which I can since it's my dream), I'm going high-end. And I'm also not limiting myself to just ONE reading space. Nope. And suddenly that felt sort of brilliant. Why not design a perfect reading space specifically suited to the book you are currently reading.  

So...if I'm reading an emotionally loaded book about a high school junior who is the survivor of a sister suicide pact, I'm going to need a soft, soft, chair, and a very pretty lamp. All of the pieces should reflect the sensibilities of my main character, Allie, who is an artist. 

Here' s a little taste of my The Sister Pact reading room design: 


Now... when I want to get in John Strickland's head, I'm going to need strong and architecturally appealing pieces. So for my The Homecoming reading space, see below: 


This next reading space has me REALLY excited. Why you ask? Well, I'll tell you. My newest book will be released in March 2018. The pre-order links are already up on all the sites. Yay! So now I'm visualizing a reading space for The Secrets We Bury and I think it will have to have a vintage inspired piece like this.  

Designing specific spaces for each of my characters has been so fun, because it allows me to bring them to life in new and different ways. I'm in love with this idea. Going forward, I'm going to have to plan a reading space for each new book! 

It's also giving me a  GREAT idea! What if you all sent me your pictures of your ideal reading corners? Maybe you already have one set up? Maybe you are in the process of remodeling a room and this post will spur you on to set aside a little piece of it for dedicated reading? I hope so.

 Or maybe you are so far from having anything more than a bus ride or a hard chair to read on, but read, you will. No problem. Nothing wrong with dreaming! I mean, your space doesn't have to match my admittedly high-end fantasy above. You do you. Expensive. Cheap. Totally incredibly, not even in the realm of possibility? That's what fantasizing is all about!

But all of this talking about books has me wanting to curl up and start know.... 

So, kindly comment below and then let yourselves out and shhhh. ....because I #amreading. 


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