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Meeting my Editor

Every writer reams of the day they sell their first book. I was no different. I'd been writing for years, had been with one agent for three years and eventually signed by Nicole Resciniti, agent extraordinaire when she submitted my book to Annette-Pollert Morgan at Sourcebooks. When Nicole called me to inform me of the sale, I cried. Especially when she said Annette gushed about my book. Just gushed. 

So when I got to meet my editor at the June Florida SCBWI conference last year, I was beyond thrilled. And to have her be such a wonderful, generous, gracious person....bonus!!! We spoke for hours, ate dinner with Nicole, and I left feeling so lucky and super excited to work with both of them, hopefully, for many more years to come. 

Here's a picture of the big event. 

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