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We Always Hurt the Ones We Love 

YALSA Popular Paperback, PSLA Top Forty

YALSA Popular Paperback, PSLA Top Forty

Who Holds YOur Secrets? 

Allie is devastated when her sister commits suicide. What's more, she feels abandoned. The two had a suicide pact but Leah went without her and Allie needs to know why. 

Florida Book Award Bronze Medal Winner

Florida Book Award Bronze Medal Winner

You can never go home again. 

In the wake of his girlfriend's suicide, John is forced to return home to the mother who kicked him out 10 years earlier, John has to decide whether to mend relationships or cut and run. 

Releases March 6, 2018

Releases March 6, 2018


Dylan hikes the Appalachian Trail to avoid being sent to a special school for psychologically challenged teens. When he meets a solo teen hiker named Sophie, he learns to trust her with the secrets he'd like to bury. 

Praise for The Secrets We Bury: 


" A sensitive, funny, and sometimes awkwardly romantic story of survival and self-awareness." - Kirkus

"Ramey captures the beauty of the Appalachian Trail, a setting that reflects Dylan's own struggles. The romance brews slowly, with witty banter between Dylan and the Ghost that eventually allows them to open up to each other. Dylan's inability to understand the emotions of others feels realistic, and many teens will find his situation relatable. A gripping novel that will tug on readers' heartstrings until the very end." - Booklist

Part survival, part coming-of-age, and part romance, The Secrets We Bury offers a funny, heartfelt, and realistic portrayal of grief and growth in the wilderness. -VOYA Reviews

This insightful, touching story is a strong purchase for libraries that serve young adults.-School Library Journal



Praise for The Sister Pact

"A well-written portrait, not just of grief but also of the pain of realizing you didn't really know someone you thought you were close to. Ramey's haunting novel is reminiscent of Jennifer Brown's Hate List (2009), with similar themes of devastating hindsight, and Gayle Forman's I Was Here (2015), which also captures the desperation to make sense f a loved one's suicide... A heavy but powerful read that tackles big topics without letting them drag the narrative down." - Booklist

"A powerful story of redemption, forgiveness, love, and the ability to persevere." - VOYA Magazine

"The story reads like Go Ask Alice...As Allie learns the many sordid secrets of her sister's concealed life, she begins to understand the powerful influence her sister had on her and, a talented painter, struggles to find her own voice. " - Kirkus

"The story is well written and will hold teens' interest" - School Library Connection

Praise for The Homecoming:

"A stirring close-up of a family haunted by emotional trauma" - Kirkus

"The overall message of relying on family and friends for support is clear, and John's pain and confusion are palpable... the male point of view distinguishes it in a field crowded with girls' perspectives. VERDICT A solid addition to YA collections.
" - School Library Journal

"This engaging story will appeal to all readers and will help troubled teens realize that there can be help out there for what's going on in their lives." - School Library Connection

"Ramey has penned a rare raw, emotion-packed romance from a male perspective, with themes of empowerment and self-actualization..." - Booklist


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